Total pelvic floor reconstruction with mesh
by Shanti I Mohling, Shanti CY Liu

Practical Manual for Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic Gynecological Surgery

by Liselotte Mettler, Ibrahim Alkatout
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This video demonstrates of total pelvic floor reconstruction with uterine conservation. This video shows dissection of presacral space, extension of peritoneal incision, completion of right pararectal space dissection, dissection of left pararectal space, dissection of vesicovaginal space, incision of left broad ligament, attachment of graft to medial fascia of levator Ani, passing graft arms through broad ligament incisions, attachment of graft to anterior cervix, attachment of pubocervical fascia to graft, attachment of graft to left uterosacral ligament, graft attachment points: sacral promontory, posterior vagina/perineal body, medical fascia of levator ani muscles, uterosacral ligaments and anterior cervix.

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