Single Tooth Intrusion simplified with New Removable Orthodontic Appliance: Report of Two Cases

By: Anil Kumar Mittal, Ruchi Sharma, Pratibha Garg, Amit Sidana

Volume:5, issue:4(2014)

World Journal of Dentistry


A Study to determine the Prevalence of Malocclusion and Chief Motivational Factor for Desire of Orthodontic Treatment in Jaipur City, India

By: Ruchi Sharma, Kuldeep Sharma, Dhruv Yadav, Abhilasha Choudhary, Swapnil Singh

Volume:6, issue:2(2015)

World Journal of Dentistry


Chapter-034 Hormone Replacement Therapy and Heart

By: Vinod KSharma, Sibaji Phaujdar, Ruchi Sharma

Edition : 1/e

CSI: Cardiology Update 2014

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