Procedural Dentistry for Complete Dentures Shivangi Gajwani Jain
Page numbers followed by f refer to figure, fc refer to flow chart and t refer to table.
Abrasion, signs of excess 16f
Acid abrasion 16f
Acrylic denture teeth, attrited 131f
Acrylic resin 88
Acrylic teeth 228f
Acrylic template technique 230
Adhesive 170
powder 170f
Adhesive-error relationship 170f
Alveolar bone 3
Alveolar resorption, gross 11f
Alveolar ridge resorption 5f
Alveolo lingual sulcus 243f
Analgesic ointments 172
Angular chelitis 28f, 152f
Arch form 109
types of 111f
Arcon articulator 124f
Atwoods classification 8, 8f
Bard-Parker blade 206
Beading 82
reduction 29
resorption, severe 167
British Dental Association's Infection 61
Buccal aspect 3
Buccal corridor 114, 115f
factors affecting 115
Buccal freni 50
Buccal mucosa 35f
Calcium deficiency 39, 39f
treatment 39
Candida albicans 34
Candidiasis 34, 152, 167
aetiology of 34f
Canine prominence 115
final 243f
mandibular primary 183f
maxillary primary 183f
Cephalometric radiograph, lateral 15
Chairside reline 239f
Cheek extended
downward 77f
inward 77f
outward 77f
Chewing center located brain stem 162f
Chromatic alginate 52f
Circumoral musculature 165f
Clinical impression procedures 205
Cold cure acrylic custom trays 73f
Complete alveolingual sulcus 80f
Condylar disc assembly inset 4f
Condylar guidance 124f
Condyle disk assembly 87f
Conventional hand mixing technique 52
Cuspal inclination 125f
Custom tray fabrication 70
Dawson's bimanual manipulation 101
Dental plaster base 63f
Dentition, patients with terminal 28
Dentogenic concept 106
Denture 142f, 225f
aches with new 166
adhesive application, procedure for 170
area 122f
characterization 115, 116f
classification 90t
in light cure box 243f
in wax 116f
material, colors of 116f
strengtheners 216
with retentive slots 243f
bearing area
inflamed 201f
mandibular 47f
bearing tissues 36
changed with new 164
complete 49, 138, 165f, 199, 235
concept of new 162
copy 219, 221
dirty 17f
duplication 230
complete 231
esthetics 105
of old 4
existing old 16
existing 224f
fabricated complete 202f
fabrication 99, 241
complete 15f
final 238f, 246f
facial 28f
final mandibular 244f
for mandibular arches, complete 246f
for maxillary arches, complete 246f
fracture 211, 214
types of 211
hygiene 168
hyperplasia 201f
immediate 179, 181, 237, 245
complete 237
impression procedures for 43
in place 6f
influence of complete 5f
insertion 139, 141
after extractions 193f
post-operative with 244f
pre-operative without 244f
light cured 89f
maintenance with patient education 159, 161
mandibular 37f, 145f, 148f, 221f
areas 146
complete 8f
mastication with new 162
maxillary 145f, 191f, 221f
areas 145
bearing areas 47f
midline fracture of mandibular 212f
new 222f
occlusion, complete 121
old 222f
oral feelings with new 163f
pains with new 166
palatal aspect of maxillary 16f
parts 214f
pieces, mismatched 16f
placement of 241f
post-treatment with 236f
preparation 204, 204t
pre-treatment without 236f
advantages of 194
disadvantage of 195
complete 14, 37f, 130
relined maxillary 147f
repair 209, 211, 213f
procedure, basic 213
types of 212
replica, mandibular 227f
requirement 141f
retention 149
self repaired 171f
sore spot 18f
stage 229
laboratory trial 228
stained mandibular 17f
stains on 169f
technique, copy 221, 223
abnormal tear of 17f
abnormal wear of 17f
ortholingual 129f
placement 190
trial 227
unclean 17f
unretentive 69
wear 27, 34, 199f, 200f
demonstrating, old 10f
first time 29
night time 169f
previous 33
with cheek plumper 236f
with putty impression 223f
Disinfection 60
Disto-buccal flange 145
Double metal tray technique 224, 225f, 226f
Double tray technique 184, 185f
Dynesthetic concept 106
Dysfunctional impression 59, 60f
arch, maxillary 235f
maxilla, partially 242f
maxillary arch 50f
patient 10f
patient without dentures 165f
Elastomeric silicon impressions 82
Epulis fissuratum 167
Esthetic 69
dental proportion 115f
evaluation 150
Facebow 188f
record 246f
esthetics 235
form 10
frontal form 109
line angles 20
muscle tone 115
profile 20, 109
examination of 112f
tissue, loss of 201f
of old mandibular complete denture 16f
pieces 213f
tooth repair 216
Frenum 20
Functional impression technique 206
Fungal infections 167
Gingival characterization 117
Gingival margin 188
bands 106
level of 189f
Golden proportion 114
Gothic arch tracer 98, 100f
Hanau's quint 124
Hard palate 11
Hard silicon 214f
Hard tissue 10
procedures 29
undercuts 12, 29
Health 36
Healthy oral tissues 47f
High frenum attachments 31
House mental classification 142
Hydrocolloid technique 53
Hygiene 168
Impression procedure, final 229
Impression putty technique 225
Impression surface 244f
Impression technique
final 74
mandibular, final 237f
maxillary, final 237f
Impression tray compound 53
In situ examination 18
Incisal display 7f, 7t
Incisal guidance, minimal 124f
Incisive papilla region 145
Incisors, wide central 108f
Inflamed tissues
hypermobile 27f
hyperplastic 203
Insertion timeline 192
Interarch space 109
Intercuspid distance 109
Interocclusal bite material 228f
checks 145
examination 4, 10
complete 49
Kennedy's class I, modification 185
Labial freni 50
Labial frenum 13f, 58f
Labial undercut 186f
Laboratory communication 133, 135
Lesions 4
Lingual flange, anterior 80
Lingualized occlusion 129, 129f
fullness 7, 91
length 7, 7f, 7t, 91, 109
support 6, 20
partial 9
reduced 5f
ridge form on 9t
thickness 109
unsupported 9
Long face syndrome 95f, 151f
anterior ridge alveoplasty 30f
arch 50t, 58, 105f, 121f
cast 71f
impression 56
jaw 39f
replicas 228f
residual ridge 11f
resorbed edentulous arch 235f
ridge 18f, 50f
post extractions 242f
secondary impression 235f
sharp residual ridge 26f
tori 26f
tray border molding 79
wax rim 93, 93f
Massetric notch 175f
clear acrylic template in 193f
relations of 87
ridge 186f
teeth 237
arch 13f, 50t, 57, 115, 121f, 186f
cast 71f
custom tray border extension 70
impression 56
occlusal wax rim 91
posterior teeth 115
primary impression 58f
replicas 228f
teeth in wax, replicated 227f
tray 80
border molding 76
wax rim 98f
horse shoe shaped 91f
Maxillomandibular relations 85, 87, 187
McCord's technique 241, 242f
Mechanical machine mixing technique 53
Metal flask technique 225
Metal stock trays 55f
Monoplane occlusal scheme 128, 128f
Mouth technique
closed 205
open 205
Mouth, dryness of 38
Mucoceles 28, 35
Mucosa 4
Mucous membrane biotype 20
mass, reduction in 38
of modiolus affect 70
tone 6, 20, 195
Mylohyoid ridge 50
Nasolabial angle 92, 92f
Nick and notch method 97
Niswonger's method 187
Nutrition 36
Occlusal concepts 130
Occlusal equilibration 175f
Occlusal schemes 127
Occlusal wax rim fabrication 91
Occlusion, plane of 125
candidiasis 35f
cavity, preparation of 23, 25
checks, extra 143
examination, extra 4, 5
hygiene 168
lesions, examination of irreversible 14
mucosa 13
tissues 135
tracers, extra 99f
Orthopantomogram 15, 36f, 39f
Palates pose, deep 12f
Palatogram 155
Papillary hyperplasia 27f, 33
Peeling of soft line 207f
Permanent denture base 90
fabrication of 91
Permanent soft reline materials 206
Plaster, place of 214f
Plastic disposable stock trays 55f
Polished surface 144
Polymorph beads 73f
Preprosthetic surgery 13
Pressure indicating paste 175f
Probable cause 19
Proclined maxillary anterior teeth 186f
Prominent chin 6f
Prosthesis, finishing of 190
deficiency 39
treatment 40
Realeff effect 49
Reline kits 172
Relining procedures 197, 199
Residual alveolar ridge 20
form 7
Residual ridge 50
Retention cyst 28
Retromolar pad area 50
Retromylohyoid arch 50
compromised 235
relation 11, 109
Root carving 151f
Saliva 14, 21
Salivary flow, excess 164
Silverman's closest speaking space 157
Single tray
impression 184f
technique 183f
Soap box technique 224
Sofreline tough 239f
Soft hypermobile tissues 33
Soft tissue 4, 13
lesions 21, 34
Spacer wax placement 71f
unfavorable 195
with new dentures 166
Speech sound 157f
evaluation 156t
specific 156
Stock trays 54
types of 54fc
Surgical template fabrication 189, 238f
mandibular 238f
maxillary 238f
Taste sensation, lack of 38
Temporary denture bases 90
Temporomandibular joint 4f
examination 5
Terminal dentition 26f
Tissue 204t
adaptation to 147
compromised 35
conditioner 203f
stages of 204t
dehydration 38
treatment 39
hyperplastic 13f
placement of 193f
preparation 204
preservation 167
red inflamed 13f
side / intaglio 143
hard 192f
soft 192f
Tokuyama tough medium 37f
Tongue 14, 21, 38f
space 243f
anatomy 129
types of 123fc
anterior 112f
color 112
form of 111
fracture 211
dislodged 171f
multiple 211
single 211, 212f
loss of 5f
molds 122
natural 216
occlusion, natural 121
pale 108f
placement 188
positioning 243f
removal 189f
replacement of 181
rounded 108f
selection 111
shape of 111
size of 111
slots for 226f
small 108f
portion of fractured 216f
visibility 91
wear 19
cause of 19t
wear, excessive 19
anterior 19
posterior 19
Tori 12, 20, 31, 31fc
Torus palatinus 182f
Valsalva's maneuver 76
Vents in
mandibular tray, placement of 81f
maxillary tray, placement of 80f
Vents, purpose of 81
Vestibular sulci 50
depletion 40
treatment 40
supplements 40
Wax teeth 227f, 228f
Xerostomia 167
Zinc oxide eugenol impression paste 74
Chapter Notes

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