Passing DNB Obstetrics and Gynecology Sachin Nichite, Pragya Tripathi
Chapter Notes

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1General Theory
  • How to prepare for theory examination
  • How to write DNB note

How to Prepare for Theory ExaminationCHAPTER 1

On starting Of Tenure
Importance of this Principle
  • This gives you approach and way to study rather than haphazard and frustrating preparation
  • Last few months you will be more focused rather than searching various books and their parts for answers
  • It's of utmost importance for making picture memory for writing answers.
Make Strategy
  • So divide questions topic wise, get help of appendix for making your topic wise question list There are approximately 400 topics on which commonly questions are asked, 400 questions and 800 days (which excludes last 4 months and emergency duty days), so approximately 1 answer in 2 days.
    • First year—concentrate on basic sciences of obstetrics and gynecology
    • Second year—concentrate on pathological conditions of obstetrics and gynecology
    • Third year—mainly recent advances.
  • Get help of (Chapter 2)—how to write DNB note answers in this book for writing your answers.
  • Add extra-information related to that question after completion of note, so that you can write answer even if question is twisted. Also add points which are important from a practical point of view.
Tot—Things on Tip of Tongue
Practice TOT tactic daily during working hours.
Seniors are very important in medical field so always be in touch with your seniors who are preparing or already passed out.
Application of Theory in Practice
Best way to remember.
Four months before Examinations
  • You must have finished with making your notes.
  • Now you have your own single book, start revising.
  • Target 4–5 revisions.
  • Important—mark the pages/topics during primary revisions which are difficult to remember or which are to be memorized.
  • Concentrate more on these pages/topics during next revision.
Seven days before Examinations
  • Keep the last 6 days only for selected difficult important topics
  • Important tip—if you are able to read 10 answers per day, keep on 6 answers per day
  • Mind you—this keeps you psychologically cool and confident
  • Make tickets well before in time
  • Book the hotel well before time and near to the examination center.
One day before examination
  • Visit the examination center if it is at another place than your home place
  • Sleep—very crucial for well equipped brain.
Checklist before leaving for examination
  • Hall ticket
  • Writing material—
    • 3–4 blue ink pens (already used for writing)
    • 2–3 black ink pens
    • Pencil
    • Scale
    • Writing pad
    • Eraser.
  • Water bottle/glucon-D (chilled water gives you kick to proceed fast)
  • Chocolates/toffees
  • Wrist watch
  • Last but not the least—a cool head.
During examination
  • Allot 15 minutes maximum for 1 question
  • Keep last 10 minutes for re-evaluation of your answers
  • Expect at least 2–3 questions not from your notes—this keeps you out of panic.