Differential Diagnosis in Computed Tomography Satish K Bhargava, Sumeet Bhargava
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1Differential Diagnosis in Computed Tomography2
3Differential Diagnosis in Computed Tomography
Second Edition
Sumeet Bhargava MBBS DNB (Radiodiagnosis) FCGP FICRI FIAMS MNAMS Department of Radiology and Imaging University College of Medical Sciences (University of Delhi) and GTB Hospital, Delhi Satish K Bhargava MBBS MD (Radiodiagnosis) MD (Radiotherapy) DMRD FICRI FIAMS FCCP FUSI FIMSA FAMS Professor and Head, Department of Radiology & Imaging School of Medical Sciences and Research, Sharda Hospital Sharda University, Greater Noida (UP) Formerly Professor and Head, Department of Radiology and Imaging University College of Medical Sciences (University of Delhi) and GTB Hospital, Delhi
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Differential Diagnosis in Computed Tomography
First Edition: 2006
Second Edition: 2012
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5List of Contributors 7Preface to the Second Edition
Due to overwhelming response from the readers, the book has been revised keeping in view of the various new requirements. The large number of illustrations has been added to give clear and precise view of the particular disease. We are sure the second edition will be more useful to Radiologists, Residents and Clinicians.
Sumeet Bhargava
Satish K Bhargava
9Preface to the First Edition
Since the discovery of CT scan, this modality has made its visible impact in diagnostic field. Its role is ever increasing in imaging and is an indispensable modality in today's practice. With the emergence of the slip ring technology and then the multidetector configuration made continuous scan acquisition possible in very short time. The isotropic volumetric data acquired can be used for reconstructing images in various planes and displaying them through selective rendering techniques for maximum diagnostic information. This has remarkably improved the image quality and has opened new avenues in the field of diagnosis. All these advances have raised the expectations of the clinicians in acquiring a diagnosis through computed tomography. The plethora of imaging findings are seen and most of which have a list of differential diagnosis. The stress of establishing the closest diagnosis has evoked the need for a book on differential diagnosis based on CT findings.
The book covers the various disease conditions giving similar imaging findings on CT. An attempt has been made to include most of the disease processes/conditions of every organ system which can be diagnosed on CT. The typical CT findings of the conditions have been enumerated with other relevant information. Illustrations have been given wherever necessary to make a visual impact of the imaging finding. A lot of effort has been made to present the information in a vivid manner with the help of tables, so as to segregate the various clinical conditions. The differentiating features have been highlighted in the text. We have purposely avoided repetition of the text 10related to the various conditions and all have been described at one place or in the system where it is most relevant. We hope the book proves to be of great help for all the radiologists and even the clinicians to have a better understanding of the subject.
Satish K Bhargava
I am grateful to my colleagues and friends who gave timely support and stood behind me in our joint endeavor of bringing out this book, which was required keeping in view of the fact that no such book is available in an Indian perspective and wide acceptability of this imaging modality for the diagnosis and staging of the disease. My special thanks are due to sincere and hardworking staff of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, India, particularly Shri Jitendar P Vij (Chairman and Managing Director), Mr Tarun Duneja (Director-Publishing), Mr KK Raman (Production Manager), and Ms Samina Khan (PA to Director). It is indeed the result of hard work of the contributors who have always been in keen desire to work with smiling faces and with soft and polite voices, and as a result of which this book has seen the light of the day.