Tips & Tricks in Periodontology Shalu Bathla
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1Tips and Tricks in Periodontology2
3Tips and Tricks in Periodontology
Shalu Bathla MDS Periodontics (Gold Medalist) Assistant Professor Department of Periodontics MM Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Mullana (Ambala) India
Yenapoya Dental College
Mangalore (Karnataka)
Assisted by Manish Bathla MD Psychiatry India Foreword SG Damle
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Tips and Tricks in Periodontology
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5Dedicated to
My Dear Son
Periodontics is a fascinating field of endeavour, arguably the most exciting, dynamic and constantly challenging area of specialization. It is indeed a happy occasion to see the publication of a comprehensive book on Periodontics.
The principle work of a genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontier. The world makes way for people who know where they are going and also taking others. The author of this book begins from the simple things in the book and gradually takes the reader on a more difficult concepts, making them appear simple and interesting.
I congratulate Dr Shalu Bathla on her brilliant effort and wish this book a great success.
Dr (Prof.) SG Damle
Vice Chancellor,
MM University, Mullana (Ambala)
Address for Correspondence: Kothi No. 82, Sector-2, Panchkula-134 109 (Haryana)
“Destiny – By choice or by chance?
Hundreds of pages, but only a few to pass”
After studying many books, we finally need to write only a few pages in the exam. Hence, the objective behind the making of this book is to control our destiny by choice and leave nothing to chance.
Periodontics is a rapidly changing branch of dentistry with new scientific revelations unveiling many mysteries. Some controversies, still surrounding the basic foundation of aetiology, phenomenology, treatment methods etc. make it very difficult for a student to understand its content. The book is prepared with the objective of keeping in view the problems faced by the students during viva voce.
This maiden book of Periodontology has over 700 questions and answers and important points useful for the UG and PG students and also the students preparing for the PG entrance exams. This book is not a substitute for the standard textbooks available in the field of Periodontics written by the experienced periodontists. Thereby, it is suggested that the students should pursue the additional readings.
I do not claim exclusive credit for the book. Much of the material has been collected from the journals, periodicals, review articles, books, discussions, personal communications and similar sources.
Without doubt, there will be errors, few imperfections, omissions and over simplification. Hoping that the rest of the material will be enough to stimulate insight and new trains of thoughts into the subject of Periodontics. I have put a bit of heart and soul into it. Therefore, I hope that this work will be immensely educative.
Any suggestions and criticisms are most welcome.
Shalu Bathla
Respected Parents and God, I lay this book at your feet.
I am forever grateful to Dr RK Sharma, who encouraged me as a fledgling dental student to pick up a scalpel and perform my first periodontal surgery and to Dr Rajan Gupta and Dr Shikha Tiwari, who enthusiastically supported my endeavour to develop a curriculum in Periodontics.
I particularly thank Dr Nageshwar Iyer and Dr Meenakshi Iyer for their thoughtful and creative comments. I am extremely thankful to Dr Sanjay Tiwari from whom I have learnt what dedication means. The other teachers who have influenced me tremendously are Dr Ravi Kapoor, Dr Raman Kapoor, Dr SC Narula, Dr Suresh DK and Dr Shashikant Hegde.
I am highly thankful to renowned teacher icon to Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Dr SG Damle for writing the foreword for this book.
I gratefully acknowledge my debt to my father-in-law, Dr JC Bathla for nurturing the seeds of this endeavour at its infancy and my brother, Mr Pankaj Chandna who has selflessly and lovingly been there for me.
I wish to express my deepest thanks to my husband, Dr Manish Bathla for his support, understanding and encouragement during long hours of forced isolation and commitment required to accomplish this feat.
I would like to thank the postgraduate students, Dr Rachna Jain, Dr Preetinder Singh, Dr Anushi Mahajan, Dr Alka Kaushik and Dr Gayatri for proofreading.
I would like to express my thanks to Shri Jitendar P Vij (Chairman and Managing Director) and Mr Tarun Duneja (Director–Publishing), Ms Bano, Mr KK Raman and the editorial staff of Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, who have done a great job by “putting an icing on the cake” through their professional expertise to make my work, reader friendly and reach it to your desk.