Basics in Human Anatomy Priya Ranganath, Suruchi Singhal, Leelavathy N, Vani Vijay Rao, Roopa R
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2BASICS IN HUMAN ANATOMY for B.Sc Paramedical Courses
Priya Ranganath MBBS MS (Anatomy) Associate Professor, Dept. of Anatomy Suruchi Singhal MBBS MD (Anatomy) Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anatomy Leelavathy N MSc (Anatomy) Ph.D Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anatomy Vani Vijay Rao MSc (Anatomy) Lecturer, Dept. of Anatomy Roopa R MBBS MS (Anatomy) Professor, Dept. of Anatomy St John's Medical College Bengaluru India
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Basics in Human Anatomy
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Anatomy is a vast subject. Learning the structure of each and every part of the human body separately is impossible. The books which are usually followed by the paramedical students at present, contain anatomy, physiology and biochemistry in combination which they find difficult to study. This book contains a simplified version of all systems and it is hoped that this will be understood by all paramedical students.
The text is simple and the line diagrams are easy to follow. Each chapter starts with a list of topics covered and ends with a list of most frequently asked questions. The gross, microscopic and applied anatomical features of each system are given together so that it becomes easy for the students to understand and correlate.
We have tried to present a comprehensive overview of anatomy required by the paramedical students. We have also added a section of general embryology to make the book a complete guide for students and hope that this book will be of great help to them.
The responsibilities of mistakes and omissions, if any, are ours alone. Suggestions from students and our colleagues are welcome.
Priya Ranganath
Suruchi Singhal
Leelavathy N
Vani Vijay Rao
Roopa R
We express our appreciation to our colleagues and friends for their valuable contribution and discussion during the period of preparation of the manuscript.
We express our grateful thanks to Dr. Prem Pais, Dean, SJMC, and Father Thomas Kalam, Director, SJMC for having granted permission to author the book.
We express our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Balasubramanyam V, HOD and the staff of the Department of Anatomy, SJMC for their support and guidance.
We would like to acknowledge Mr PL Jatla for his help rendered for the illustrations.
We would like to acknowledge Sujatha Narayan, Tutor, Dept. of Anatomy, SJMC for her help.
We express our grateful thanks to M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers for the publication of this book.