Count Your Calories LC Gupta, Priya Gupta, Anjula Vij, Sujata
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1Step by Step: Count Your Calories
2Step by Step: Count Your Calories
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Step by Step Count Vour Calories
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Step by Step Count Your Calories has been specially designed to provide an understanding of fundamentals of nutrition as it relates to the promotion and maintenance of health chapter on ‘Calories’ covering practically its all aspects, its definition, caloric values of different foods and its expenditure. Caloric values are bound to vary because traditionally many methods of cooking are in vogue. These methods differ from house to house and same dish may be prepared by using different ingredient and quantity of fats/oils.
Food habit develops not only on ethnic, social and economic backgrounds but also on availability of food. Obesity is the bank balance of calories which makes a person ugly and exposes to heart attack, diabetes and arthritis. It reduces life span as well as the quality of life. The book suggests how to adopt alternative food articles to minimise calorie consumption.
Certain tables make you wiser to select food. The obesity paradox has created a huge business for the food industry which has made billions selling ‘low fat’ and ‘low carbohydrate’ products to would-be slimmers. People 6forget that satiety is the state of feeling full and gratified to the point of satisfaction which you can get from fibre and protein while using artificial sweetners to keep the calories down.
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We are grateful to revered Mr Raj Kumar Sharma and Mrs Mani Raj who have brought up whole of the family providing balanced diet and moral support and are our source of inspiration in every walk of life.
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