Nutritional Anemia in Geriatric Population

JOURNAL TITLE: World Journal of Anemia

1. Nidhi Sood
2. Richa Saxena
Publishing Year
Author Affiliations
    1. Department of Physiotherapy, Lovely Professional University, New Delhi, India
  • Article keywords
    Aged population, Anemia, Hematological changes, Malnutrition, Nutritional deficiency


    Anemia is a rapidly growing cause of concern among the aged population (age older than 65 years) in the world today. It is often multifactorial and remains underdiagnosed, especially in case of nutritional anemia because of its ability to stay insidious for a long period. Furthermore, it has been predicted that the population of the elderly is continually increasing due to the advancements in medical technology and healthcare system, better access to medical facilities and due to enhanced awareness to live a healthy lifestyle. All these factors contribute to increased longevity in the elderly. This is also one of the reasons for increased burden on the healthcare system, as this segment of population is the most vulnerable for developing serious medical conditions such as anemia. Anemia is natural consequence of the process of aging and poses high risk of developing diseases in the older people along with decline in physical performance, increased morbidity and poor quality of life. This article aims at providing useful insights into various factors responsible for developing nutritional anemia. It also aims to provide understanding of relationship between aging and anemia, and summarizes recent management options available for nutritional anemia in the aged population.

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