Effectiveness of Soybean vs Chickpea on Menopausal Symptoms among Women in Selected Rural Areas, Puducherry, India

JOURNAL TITLE: Pondicherry Journal of Nursing

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Chick pea, Menopausal symptoms, Soybean


Introduction: An average Indian woman spends almost one-third of her life span in the postmenopausal phase enduring the consequences of hormonal decline. About 89.3% menopausal women experience at least one or more menopausal symptom(s). Soybeans and chickpeas naturally contains the phytoestrogens that are used to mitigate the menopausal problems. Hence, to ensure a quality life to these women, attention needs to be focused on menopausal problems to alleviate these problems through appropriate interventions. Natural estrogens can be very helpful during menopause to mitigate the problems. Objective: To evaluate and compare the effectiveness of soybean vs chickpeas on menopausal symptoms among women. Materials and methods: True experimental research design was adopted for the study. A total of 150 menopausal women were selected by the purposive sampling technique with randomization (50 samples in each group). Group I received soybean, group II received chickpea, and group III was the control group. Pretest and posttest were done by using the Greene Climacteric Menopausal Assessment Scale. About 50 g of boiled soybean and chickpea were given to group I and group II for 21 days, respectively. Results: The findings implicate that the menopausal women were in the age group of 49–52 years. The pretest mean standard deviation for the level of menopausal symptoms of the soybean group was 67.0 ± 4.745 and posttest was 33.4 ± 6.021. The pretest mean standard deviation for the level of menopausal symptoms of the chickpea group was 66.8 ± 4.929 and posttest was 43.2 ± 7.301. Soybean and chickpea were effective in reduction of menopausal symptoms in both group I and group II. Results show that the t value for group I was 32.4 and group II was 22.60, which was significant at p < 0.001 level. Conclusion: The study concludes that soybean was effective in reduction of menopausal symptoms among women than chickpea.

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