Thyroid Malignancy in Multi Nodular Goitre

JOURNAL TITLE: Indian Journal of Endocrine Surgery and Research

1. S. Babu
2. S. Chitra
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    1. Editor-in-Chief
    1. Professor, Surgery Department, Govt. Sivagangai Medical College, Sivagangai, India.
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    Introduction Multi-nodular goitre (MNG) is one of the common presentations of various thyroid diseases. Careful examination discloses their presence in at least 4% of the general population. Nodules less than 1 cm in diameter not clinically detectable unless located on the surface of the gland, are much more frequent. Although MNG was traditionally thought to be at a low risk for malignancy as compared to its single-nodule counterpart, various studies have reported a significant risk. The objective of this study was to determine the incidence and the type of thyroid carcinoma (TC) in multi-nodular goitre by doing the histopathological examination of thyroidectomy specimens. Materials and Methods This prospective, observational study was carried out in the Department of Surgery at Govt. Sivagangai Medical College, Tamilnadu, India. All the patients with multi-nodular goitre with or without thyrotoxicosis were evaluated and they were offered surgery as the treatment for suspicious findings, cosmesis, compressive symptoms and thyrotoxicosis. The specimens were subjected to a histopathological evaluation to determine the incidence and the types of various malignancies in MNG. Results Among the 65 MNG cases which were studied, 8 (12%) cases contained malignant foci. Among them, papillary carcinoma (88%) was the most common type of malignancy which was observed. Conclusion The incidence of malignancy in MNG is quite significant and it is not very low as was thought before. Due to the risk of occult malignancy, all the patients with multi-nodular goitres who are treated conservatively need a close follow up for malignancy

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