Role of physiotherapists in intensive care units of India: A multicenter survey

JOURNAL TITLE: Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine

1. Arun G. Maiya*
2. Jithendra A. Kumar
3. Daphne Pereira*
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Author Affiliations
    1. Department of Physiotherapy, Center for Basic Sciences, K.M.C, Bejai, Mangalore - 575 004, Karnataka, India
    1. MCOAHS, Manipal, Karnataka, India
    1. MCOAHS, Manipal, Karnataka, India
  • Article keywords
    Chest physiotherapy, Indian intensive care unit, multicenter survey, physiotherapy


    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to find what role physiotherapists play in the care of the critically ill in Indian Intensive Care Units (ICU). Materials and Methods: Study Design and Setting: Exploratory cross-sectional survey Questionaires were sent to 260 ICUs in India. A stamped self-addressed envelope was enclosed with the questionnaire and a period of six weeks for completion were given in an attempt to ensure good response rates. If response was not obtained within six weeks, two subsequent reminders were sent to the hospitals with a further time gap of six weeks. Results: Eighty-nine completed questionnaires were received and analyzed, representing 35% of the questionnaires sent. The present study revealed that, 24% of ICUs had a resident physiotherapist available during the night and 79% of physiotherapists available on-call. In almost 90% of ICUs physiotherapists performed chest manipulations, mobilization, incentive spirometry and postural drainage. Correlation of physiotherapists′ role between different states of India, were performed by Chi-square. Mann-Whitney U test was performed to compare, within each of the five states for two types of postings in relation to the years of experience in ICU. Conclusion: All physiotherapists in ICU are routinely involved in chest physiotherapy and mobilization

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