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Basic Human Genetics by: V Kapur, RK Suri [1991]

ISBN: 9788171792207

Edition: 2/e

An invaluable asset in learning genetics, written simple and easily understandable language. Presents basic knowledge of human genetics required by medical students. The text has been adequately illustrated with simple line diagrams and tabulated form has been used for quick reading and lasting memory. The practical applications of genetics to...

Concise Pocket Medical Dictionary by: UN Panda [1995]

ISBN: 9788171794232

Edition: 1/e

This comprehensive dictionary giving all the important and major terms required by medical students, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory and technical personnel and other paramedical professionals. Incorporates most commonly used vocabulary and words encountered in numerous medical specialties.

Fun with Dermatology by: Sanjiv Jain [1998]

ISBN: 9788171795956

Edition: 1/e

Fun with Dermatology has been written with a completely fresh approach incorporating some of the common dermatoses. The clinical features, diagnosis and management of these disorders has been precisely delineated and a section on the patient education, prognosis and follow-up has been incorporated to provide a well-balanced text. A list of...

An Introduction to Medical Biophysics by: Parveen Parkash [1998]

ISBN: 9788171795932

Edition: 1/e

Medical Biophysics deals with applications of physical ideas and concepts enshrined in mechanics, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, optics, acoustics, electrodynamics and radiological physics to medical sciences. Some aspects of biophysics are indistinguishable from biochemistry, physiology, medical physics, nuclear medicine, biomedical engineering...

ISBN: 9788171796496

Edition: 1/e

A psychopharmacologist should be aware of the functions of the brain, understands the biological basis of various mental disorders, study the pharmacology of various psychoactive agents, and finally familiarizes himself with the treatment of these disorders. With this broad scope, the book is written in four parts. The first part includes nerve...

ISBN: 9788171796915

Edition: 9/e

This book, Clinical Pathology and Clinical Bacteriology, deals with pathology and bacteriology. Although there are many authoritative and exhaustive textbooks on clinical pathology, yet there is dearth of a handy book on the subject within the reach of everybody. The aims and objectives of this concise book is primarily intended to cater to the...

ISBN: 9788171797707

Edition: 3/e

The radiographic examination of human body is very complex and different views like anteroposterior, oblique, lateral etc., are required for proper diagnosis of pathology and functioning of the affected part. Different body parts require different positioning and views, the patient has to acquire various positions as some are demonstrated while the...

Hospital Stores Management An Integrated Approach by: Shakti Kumar Gupta, Sunil Kant [2000]

ISBN: 9788171797400

Edition: 1/e

A maiden book which contains conceptual frame-work; offers practical solutions to optimise store’s functions; discusses recent trends of store’s automation, inventory control, e-commerce, Info-Tech Bill-99 and their relevance. Comprehensively deals with the various domains of stores management. The book has been written with the basic objective of...

Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology by: Himadri Datta, Debasish Mandal, Arup Chakravarty [2000]

ISBN: 9788171797745

Edition: 2/e

This book guides the trainee house surgeons and the postgraduate students of ophthalmology towards a systematic approach to ophthalmological examination. At the beginning of their career, they get puzzled as to how to start examining the patients systematically, how to use the diagnostic instruments precisely and which investigations are to be...

Pathology of Diseases by: Nabeen C Nayak, Subimal Roy, P Chopra [2000]

ISBN: 9788171797868

Edition: 1/e

This book Pathology Diseases is readable and up-to-date valuable to the students of pathology undergraduate, postgraduate, faculty and hospital pathologists. In the present text, there is a lucidity of style, a uniformity of format of each chapter starting with the normal state of each organ system, followed by the usual sequence of aetiology,...

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