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A Practical Manual of Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care by R Krishna Kumar, Aveek Jayant, Rakhi Balachandran Reviewed By: David Dries, MD (University of Minnesota Medical School)

ISBN: 9789390595631

Edition: 1/e

This manual of cardiac intensive care seeks to serve as a ready reckoner to nurses and resident doctors involved in the perioperative intensive care of patients with congenital heart disease. This manual has attempted to incorporate some of the key aspects of the general postoperative care of patients undergoing congenital heart surgery, special...

Manual of Lipidology by Banshi Saboo, Sujoy Ghosh Reviewed By: Javier Duron, MD (Internal Medicine) (Rush University Medical Center)

ISBN: 9789352700295

Edition: 1/e

The aim of this manual is to focus on the lipidology. Lipidology is the scientific study of lipids. The role of lipids in the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) has gained significant attention, and specifically, the role of cholesterol on the development of atherosclerosis. This book is published with the objective of providing both basic...

Step by Step® Ultrasound in Obstetrics by Jaideep Malhotra, Nidhi Gupta, Narendra Malhotra, Neharika Malhotra, Kuldeep Singh Reviewed By: Barbara Hoffman, MD (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre)

ISBN: 9789352709045

Edition: 3/e

The aim of this book is to focus on the Step by Step® ULTRASOUND IN OBSTETRICS. Ultrasonography has become a very important diagnostic tool in obstetrics and is now used extensively to determine anatomic parameters, such as location of the placenta, fetal presentation and lie and biometric measurements of the fetus to date the gestation. It is also...

Microinvasive Dentistry: Clinical Strategies and Tools by John J Graeber Reviewed By: Reviewer's Expert Opinion: Joseph Doctora, D DS MD (Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry)

ISBN: 9781909836723

Edition: 1/e

Tooth decay, also known as dental caries or cavities, is a breakdown of teeth due to acids made by bacteria. Microinvasive Dentistry is a series of manuscripts, which address prevention, management, early diagnosis, and treatment of caries – the most prevalent disease of mankind. This book is comprised of 4 sections that focus on caries prevention,...

Step by Step® Interventional Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology by Jaideep Malhotra, Nidhi Gupta, Narendra Malhotra, Neharika Malhotra, Kuldeep Singh Reviewed By: Barbara Hoffman, MD (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)

ISBN: 9789352709038

Edition: 2/e

The aim of this book is to focus on the Step by Step® Interventional Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Ultrasound today is the mainstay investigation in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Introduction of interventional procedures to obstetrics and gynecologic ultrasound has now made it possible for us to help in making a...

Color Atlas of Dermatophytoses: Focus on Superficial Fungal Infections by Jayakar Thomas, Parimalam Kumar Reviewed By: Reviewer's Expert Opinion: Patricia Wong, MD (Private Practice)

ISBN: 9789389188387

Edition: 1/e

Dermatophytoses are one of the commonest conditions encountered in clinical practice and it is also one of the most psychologically crippling disorders. The social and psychological aspects of acne are very important notably because it affects individuals during adolescence when personality development takes place. This book is designed as an...

Pocket tutor: Otolaryngology by Sonna Ifeacho, Henry Zhang, Abir Bhattacharyya Reviewed By: Cynthia Duck, MD JD (Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)

ISBN: 9781909836884

Edition: 2/e

Pocket tutor Otolaryngology is the perfect companion for medical students, junior doctors, primary care practitioners and anyone seeking to improve their working knowledge of ear, nose and throat disorders. This pocket tutor consists of 7 chapters. All chapters have been thoroughly updated. The opening chapter explains anatomical concepts and...

Pocket Tutor Understanding ABGs & Lung Function Tests by Muhunthan Thillai, Keith Hattotuwa, Peter SJ Bailey Reviewed By: Santosh Dhungana, MD (Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine)

ISBN: 9781909836853

Edition: 2/e

This book focuses on the understanding ABGs & lung function tests second edition. Lung function and arterial blood gas tests are fundamental to many areas of medicine. This book describes key respiratory terminology and then provides a step-by-step guide to understanding the tests, defining abnormal results and interpreting key abnormalities. This...

Hypertension: A Case-based Approach by Elizabeth W Edwards, Donald J DiPette Reviewed By: Manar Jbara, MD (East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine)

ISBN: 9789386261489

Edition: 1/e

The aim of this book is to focus on the hypertension: a case-based approach. It is one of the most practical books to date on the management of hypertension in the community. The book is unique as it employs a case-based format and approach to address the prevention, diagnosis, treatment (both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic), and control of...

Pocket Tutor Paediatric Clinical Examination by Rossa Brugha, Keir Shiels Reviewed By: Joseph Hageman, MD (University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine)

ISBN: 9781909836891

Edition: 2/e

The aim of this pocket tutor book is to focus on the clinical examination of paediatric. The history and examination of a child remains the cornerstone of paediatrics. This book consists of 14 chapters. Starting with a brief general introduction to history and examination in children, common presentations and examination for each system of the body...

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