Essentials of Blood Banking

by SR Mehdi

This book, Essentials of Blood Banking, deals with blood transfusion practices. In the last two decades blood banking has grown up as transfusion medicine, an independent discipline. Blood banking is no more confined to only cross-matching and supply of blood. The spectrum of tests for transfusion transmitted diseases is getting wider day-by-day. Many textbooks and technical manuals of blood banking are available in the market, but they are too exhaustive for the students who are not specialising in transfusion medicine and are interested only in the basic technical and clinical aspects of blood banking. The book deals with the basics of blood banking in brief, keeping in mind the requirements of the blood bank staff and the clinical residents. The blood bank personnel can refer to this book for techniques and the residents can carry the handbook to the wards. Even if one patient is saved of the complications of blood transfusion by the reader, the book will serve its purpose.


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