Diabetes Mellitus: Bench to Bedside with Focus on Secondary Diabetes

by Manoj Chadha

Diabetes is referred to a group of diseases characterized by hyperglycemia. It is classically considered to be caused by a deficiency in the production or function of insulin or both, which can occur because of different reasons, resulting in protein and lipid metabolic disorders, translating into an increased risk of both micro- and macrovascular complications. This book is aimed at clinicians, internists, postgraduate students who want to keep abreast of the recent advances in understanding of all micro and macrovascular complications of diabetes. This book consists of 8 chapters. This book provides a thorough bench to bedside overview of pathophysiology of secondary diabetes, diabetes in patients with Cushing’s syndrome, diabetes secondary to acromegaly, post-transplant diabetes mellitus, diabetes secondary to infections, drugs and medications causing hyperglycemia, and diabetes associated with syndromic disorders. This is a crisp and concise quick reference guide to all the complications seen in patients with diabetes mellitus. The content of the book is easy-to-read format. This book is useful in your daily management of diabetic patients.


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