Manual of Neurocritical Care

by Kapil Zirpe, Mathew Joseph, Harsh Sapra, Vasudha Singhal

The objective of this book is to introduce the manual of neurocritical care. Neurocritical care as a dedicated subspecialty of critical care medicine has been recognized and developed in a big way around the world for the optimization of neurologically injured patients, improving patient outcomes. This book consists of 18 chapters cover topics ranging from admission and discharge policies, protocols in neuro-ICU, ventilatory management, and management of shock, to the common procedures and point of care ultrasonography (USG) in neurocritical care ICUs. Interestingly, a few chapters on common problems in neurocritical care patients, like drop in sensorium, tachycardia, bradycardia, cardiac arrest, urinary retention, abdominal discomfort, pupillary asymmetry, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks, and acid-base imbalance, have also been included for completeness. Manual of Neurocritical Care is aimed to provide a ready-reckoner, and not a textbook, to fellowship students in neurocritical care and all trainees who encounter neuro cases in day-to-day management in their respective intensive care units (ICUs). It is a strictly practical document with minimal or no theory, and the information is provided in the form of flowcharts and algorithms, with a couple of explanatory paragraphs below it.


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