Donald School Fetal Brain Functioning

by Asim Kurjak

The book addresses different aspects of assessment of fetal brain functions. This volume first describes the arduous journey from structure to function by professor Kurjak who has lived through and contributed to every step of this journey. This book consists of 12 chapters that mainly focus on morphological approach to cortical formations, fetal cognitive functions, evolution of assessment of fetal brain function, brain maturation and development in growth-restricted fetuses, twin fetal behavior and facial expression, fetal awareness, neurosonogenetics, assessment of fetal neurobehavior in special cases, cognitive functions in pregnant women, and Kurjak’s antenatal neurodevelopmental test. The function of the perinatal brain both before and after birth has been explained with clear text and beautiful images. It is highly recommended to sonologists and sonographers who will enjoy new insights into the beauty and precision of the function of the perinatal brain.


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