Review of Physiology

by Soumen Manna

This book “Review of Physiology” is intended to aid basic understanding of the subject to the students who are preparing for the postgraduate medical entrance examination (PGMEE). It is a concise review of key physiologic principles and is intended to help the students recall material taught during their first years MBBS. It is not intended to substitute for comprehensive textbooks, although the students may find it a useful adjunct to physiology and pathophysiology courses. The material in this book is organized by organ system into 9 sections which are further divided into 21 chapters. These sections include general physiology, nerve-muscle physiology, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, central nervous system, renal system, gastrointestinal system, and endocrine & reproductive system and special topic. Each chapter begins with a concise theory of each topic, followed by multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and their clear, concise, proper explanations with references of the standard textbooks and/or research papers. Important points have been kept in the ‘side boxes’ so that the students can revise the book easily within a short period of time. New flow charts, diagrams and tables have also been added to this new edition.

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