Chapter-11 Complete Denture Stabilization Using Two Individual Implants

BOOK TITLE: Clinical Guide to Oral Implantology: Step by Step Procedures

1. Turner Porus S
2. Vazifdar Ferzin Turner
3. Turner Ashdin P.
4. Vazifdar Danesh R.
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1. A.B. Shetty Institute of Dental Sciences, Nitte University, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India
2. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
3. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
4. Adaro Dental Labs.
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Denture stabilization, Ankylos Snap attachment, fixed partial denture, hybrid denture, silicone sleeve, polymerization


The Ankylos Snap Attachment is an economical method of stabilizing mucosa supported removable prosthesis. It is particularly suited in elderly patients to stabilize their complete dentures, thus vastly improving their quality of life. The Snap Attachments are resilient, permit rotational and transitional movements, although they stabilize the mucosa supported denture. The Snap Attachment abutments are placed on two implants that have been inserted in the interforaminal region preferably in the region of the canines. The Snap Attachment consists of a male part which is spherical in shape and a female part which remains in the denture. The male part is made of titanium and the female part is made of precious alloy to prevent abrasive wear. The Snap Attachments are screwed into the implant using the ratchet insert and prosthetic ratchet. The abutments are screwed into the implants at 25 Ncm. A case report on complete denture stabilization using two individual implants has been also provided in this chapter.

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