Manual of Blood Platelets: Morphology, Physiology and Pharmacology

by Gundu HR Rao

This comprehensive book represents a detailed description of platelet biology highlighting the detailed structural and functional aspects of these nuclear cells. Blood platelets play a very important role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, thrombosis and stroke. This book is a portrayal of the outstanding basic and clinical research on the structure and function of platelets and their interactions with the endothelium and other blood cells. This book has summarized the complex fields of platelet morphology, physiology, pathology and pharmacology in this monograph. This monograph is comprised of 16 chapters, which include platelet ultrastructure morphology, platelet morphology and function, platelet morphology and dysfunction, platelet physiology, platelet activation mechanisms, role of calcium in platelet activation, eicosanoid metabolism and platelet function, calcium modulation by cyclic nucleotides, pharmacology of antiplatelet drugs, antiplatelet therapies, aspirin resistance, platelet dysfunctions associated with diabetes mellitus, platelet hyperfunction as a risk promoter for acute coronary events, epinephrine-induced platelet membrane modulation, platelet-vessel wall interactions, and blood biocompatibility studies. This book is designed in a masterly fashion which is easy to read and will be of major value for the students and scholars working in the field of platelets. The monograph is compiled for the beginners, and for those who are new to this area and not for experts in this field of investigation.


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