What Exactly is Dandruff?

by Rama Murthy DVSB

This book titled “What Exactly is Dandruff?” is, in fact, a combination of two monographs. The title of second monograph is “South Indian’s Foot: A Storehouse of Diagnostic Clues for Psoriasis.” These monographs are the culmination of the focused and scholarly observations of the author extended well over the period of three decades. As it is mentioned in these monographs, the standard textbooks of dermatology include pitting, onycholysis, and salmon patches (oil drops) as the usual nail changes are observed in psoriasis. The author deserves a lot of accolades for bringing out so many hitherto unreported nail changes such as “angulation, overcurvature, melanonychia, etc.” A special emphasis is laid to examine the toenails in addition to fingernails. The clinical photographs, especially that of various types of nail changes, are so vivid and of high quality. The references are extensive and up-to-date. In these monographs, Author presented his clinical observations, newer concepts based on these observations, and his arguments to support these concepts. Most of these observations were supported by high quality images. These monographs will kindle lot of interest in both younger as well as senior dermatologists.

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