Manual of Dermatology in General Practice

by Md Rokon Uddin

This manual is structured to make clinical dermatology fascinating and easily understandable to all the physicians requiring diagnosing and treat the dermatological problems of the patients. This book consists of 16 chapters that focus on basic principles and cutaneous signs and symptoms, pruritus and dysesthesia, psoriasis and related disorders, psychoneurodermatitis, erythema multiforme, Stevens–Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, and fixed drug eruption, bullous diseases, genetic diseases of skin, rheumatologic dermatology, neutrophilic dermatosis, and disorders of sebaceous, eccrine, and apocrine glands. The content of the book is selected to cover the common clinical dermatological problems encountered by all the physicians spreading across the country. All the segments of the book thoughtfully arranged here to fulfill the aim and satisfy the objectives of making the subject matter comprehensible to any medical graduate.


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