Chapter-36 Blood Group, Transfusion and Set-up of Blood Bank

BOOK TITLE: A Short Textbook of Pathology

1. Sajal Md Tahminur Rahman
2. Charu Hosne Ara Tahmin
3. Sajani Tabassum Tahmin
4. Sarnali Tanjila Tahmin
Publishing Year
Author Affiliations
1. Modern Diagnostic Center Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2. Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
3. Bangladesh Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
4. Anwer Khan Modern Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Chapter keywords
ABO and Rh blood groups, Coomb’s test-direct and indirect, complications of blood transfusion, hemolytic transfusion reaction, indications of blood transfusion, setting up of a blood bank


This chapter describes the most important and common blood group system in human- the ABO and Rh Blood group systems. How ABO and Rh grouping is done, how a donor is selected, what screening tests that are done prior to blood collection, how blood is collected and stored are described here. Indications of blood group analaysis and blood transfusion are also mentioned. The most important test for transfusion-‘cross matching’ (Combs test-direct and indirect) its types and how to do it, is described in details. Components of collected blood like whole blood, fresh frozen plasma, packed cell volume, platelet concentrate, buffy coat preparation and indications of their use are also discussed. Acute and chronic complications of blood transfusion, its 3 stages, investigation to be done are also written. Finally, how to set up a new blood bank including the staffs, space and equipments needed are also briefly described.

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