Manual of Endometriosis

by Kanthi Bansal

Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory disease in which the endometrial tissue is implanted outside the uterine cavity. The evolution in the knowledge of disease pathogenesis, clinical presentation and its diagnosis is discussed. The structure of endometriosis, various diagnostics techniques and their disadvantages is described. Prevalence and diagnosis of endometriosis in adolescent and management of infertility due to endometriosis is explained. Pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of ovarian endometriomas are descried. Various medical and surgical methods to manage endometriosis and its various types are given. Significance of assessment and management of pain in the patient with endometriosis is highlighted. Methods to access pain, its management by medical, hormonal and surgical treatment is given. Also, long term pain management is important. The prevalence, causes and postoperative medical management in recurrent endometriosis is outlined. Importance of scar endometriosis and rectovaginal endometriosis and their association with fertility is highlighted. Various treatment techniques in use and recent advances are summarized. Future therapies of endometrioses are also discussed.


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