Fundamentals of Laser Dentistry

by Kirpa Johar

The book titled “Fundamentals of LASER DENTISTRY” is a comprehensive book which covers all the aspects of Laser-assisted dentistry. The concept of laser has revolutionized the dental treatment and practices. This book is aimed to explain all key concepts of Laser from basics to clinical practice. It also covers the topics such as laser physics, different wavelengths and its clinical applications. The book has 15 chapters. Chapter 1 discusses on basics of physics and concepts of lasers used in dentistry. Chapter 2 summarizes on issues of laser safety. As we move on to further chapters, it emphasizes on applications of Lasers in preventive dentistry, operative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry. The common global oral health problem such as dental hypersensitivity is explained in detail here along with their causes, treatment, etc,. Apart from these, this book also focuses on the concepts of laser application in endodontics, periodontal therapy, oral and maxillofacial surgery. Low level laser therapy is another form of medicine which is explained in detail here. The potential growth of laser in 21st century is explained in last chapter of this book.


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