Chapter-09 Dental Assistance in Specialty Practice

BOOK TITLE: Dental Operating Room Assistant

1. Awasthi PN
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Dentistry has further nine specialized branches to excel in therefore dental assistant should procure training in various aspects as demanded by respective branches. There are various specific procedures confined to specific branch. Maxillofacial surgery demands taking informed consent, patient record keeping, and preparation of patient, preoperative and their post operative management, excellence in operation theater techniques and present concepts in assistance, management of dental emergencies, First aid including dressing and bandaging along with special training in CPR and other effective life support emergency measures. Along with these requirements he/ she should have basic idea about exodontia, techniques and instruments used, suture materials and suturing techniques. Endodontist require an assistant well versed with equipments used in the field of endodontics, various medicaments used for root canal treatment, specialized radiographs assisting effective treatment plan. Assistant to a prosthodontist must excel him with making of impression followed by formulating a dental cast. Knowing various impression techniques, materials and equipments used in making impression, proper storage and effective transportation to casting laboratories is also under his preview. Periodontist likewise wants a dental assistant equipped with knowledge of various periodontal treatment modalities and an able assistant making all necessary provisions fulfilling the treatment needs. Serving the need is the only demand from a good dental assistant.

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