Laparoscopic Management of Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence

by Nutan Jain

This book is designed to achieve this goal by propagating laparoscopic management of pelvic organ prolapse and newer vaginal approaches amongst gynecologist for the treatment of SUI and prolapse. This book has been crafted keeping in mind the need of every endoscopist. A group of dedicated endoscopic surgeons and urologists have toiled together to compile this atlas cum textbook which covers each and every aspect of minimally invasive management of prolapse and SUI. Not only has the text been written by world’s leading experts, the surgical techniques too are shown through high quality pictures from actual surgeries. To further expedite the reading, learning and understanding, most chapters have been provided with an audio narrated procedural DVD-ROM which shows all minimally invasive applications of prolapse repair and SUI. The introduction emphasizes to the reader the core basic principles of laparoscopic management and how better delineation of support anatomy as visualized by the laparoscopic route been instrumental in bringing out superior repair deep in the pelvis. Laparoscopic anatomy and pelvic support anatomy have been detailed in two chapters with the help of illustrations and surgical pictures of various anatomical spaces and important support structures in prolapse repair. Full chapter has been devoted to clearly explain the very new concept in a lucid manner with help of DVD. This issue is dealt in exquisite details. All of us realize the might of good suturing skills. Aiming to improve suturing skills three chapters have been dedicated to Extracorporeal, Intracorporeal and Sliding Weston Knots. With DVD backup these chapters fulfil the desired goal of learning suturing as suturing is most essential component of prolapse repair. We have devoted three chapters on management of SUI from world pioneers on TVT, the new trans-obturator slings (TOT) and an innovative trocar-assisted sling surgery, TASS. They are designed to apprise the reader of exact techniques pitfalls and results. Even with the advent of various sling procedures, Laparoscopic, Burch and Paravaginal repair remains a highly acclaimed surgery with longest follow-up, so we have devoted a full chapter to discuss the minute details. Prevention is better than cure, keeping this in mind we have devoted a chapter to avoid posthysterectomy vault prolapse by employing HiMcall Culdoplasty as a routine. We have discussed the role of mesh, types of mesh, when to use, how to use to best advantage and short and long-term complications with use of mesh. With this background of anatomy, suturing and mesh dynamics we have several chapters highlighting various surgeries directed to surgical correction of pelvic organ prolapse. To highlight different modalities of surgical options we have the world’s most renowned pioneers to highlight their innovative techniques. All chapters carry the format of simple language with emphasis on surgical technique depiction with series of photographs and audio narrated DVD. An average practitioner will find surgical options for all types of patients, young, elderly, wanting further child bearing, wanting to use mesh or not. Several different techniques have been described from which the reader can choose the one best suited for his or her own patient. No one surgical technique is applicable in all clinical situations so the reader can combine various techniques described by the pioneers, keeping his, her suturing capabilities and demands of clinical situations. Our endeavour has been to collectively give in one single textbook all, minimally invasive treatment options as practised today worldwide. Keeping up with advancement in vaginal surgery we have included two chapters on reparative vaginal surgery, the old and new the time tested sacrospinous ligament suspension and the newer mesh augmented repair as popular today have all made way in this book. Genitourinary fistulae though declining still are occasionally encountered and laparoscopic management has been discussed. Hope some of the readers would be able to convert their treatment approach when faced with these fistulae. Since all prolapse and SUI surgeries would need a cystoscopy during and after the procedure a chapter has been included to go in the core basic technique of cystoscopy for an average gyne-endoscopic surgeon. Interstitial cystitis a cause of painful bladder with urgency, frequency is often encountered and creates a dilemma in final diagnosis of SUI. It remains largely undiagnosed with no definite treatment options. So we have a chapter discussing all these issues. In a way in this book we have dealt with all aspects of urogyneology and prolapse repair pertaining to our day to day practice. Soon laparoscopic management of prolapse will be as accepted as Laparoscopic Hysterectomy today. Gradually critics will be fewer and aspirants for learning to treat will be more. Hope our vision of giving the very best to the readers is fulfilled and this atlas with its richness of text, references, high quality color photographs, further supported by audio narrated DVD-ROMs seems to provide all. I was fascinated with laparoscopic management of pelvic floor disorders and bringing out an atlas cum textbook on this subject is the culmination of my cherished dream. Hope the readers enjoy going through it.


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Vardhman Trauma & Laparoscopy Centre Pvt Ltd, Muzaffarnagar, UP, India
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Vardhman Trauma and Laparoscopy Center (P) Ltd, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India
Vardhman Infertility and Endo
ISBN 9788184481396
Speciality Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/10440
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2008
Pages 304
Book Type Professional


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