Chapter-07 Electromagnetic Spectrums and EMG Biofeedback

BOOK TITLE: A Handbook of Physiotherapy

1. Choudhury BK
2. Bose AK
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1. Medical College, Kolkata
2. Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata
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Electro-magnetic spectrum is the distribution of electromagnetic radiation where the items are arranged according their wave length. This spectrum includes cosmic rays, gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and radio waves. Visible lights falls between the infra and the ultraviolet rays. IR rays have wave lengths of 750 to 400 nm that produces heat. They may be luminous or non-luminous type. IR has the maximum penetration power in the skin is up to 2.5 cm. Human tissues can readily absorb it and erythema is formed. The therapeutic uses are pain relief and muscle relaxation. UVR has the wave length between 10 to 400 nm and are of three types A, B and C. UVR is better produced by Kromayer lamp using high pressure mercury vapour generator. The clinical uses of UVR are limited yet it used in cases of acne, psoriasis and pressure sores. LASER is the most useful modality available for medical science. It is produced when the atoms of certain elements are excited with electromagnetic radiation with a particular wave length. It can be of three types such as power LASER, mid LASER and soft LASER. Various forms of LASER are available of which Helium-Neon and Infrared varieties are used in physiotherapy. The therapeutic uses of LASER in the treatment of soft tissue injury, wound healing and relieving of pain from trigger points. EMG Biofeedback does not come under the preview of electromagnetic radiation yet it is a very useful armament in rehabilitation.

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