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Chapter-01 Orientation to Dental Profession by Awasthi PN (2011) Edition : 1/e

History of dentistry is quite fascinating. Two main dental scourges of mankind, e.g. dental caries and pyorrhea alveolaris have influenced evolution and progress of art and science of dentistry. Modern clinical dentistry is functioning as a team, with each member having specific role and responsibilities. Purpose of the dental health care team is to provide ... [More]

Chapter-02 Directive Principles of Dental Assistant by Awasthi PN (2011) Edition : 1/e

Dental assistant shares with other citizens the responsibility for initiating and supporting action to meet the health and social needs of the public under a set of ethics, usually called a code. Members of a profession are expected to live up with the code of ethics, work after deciding what is most right or what is most wrong in each situation. Standards s... [More]

Chapter-03 Duties of the Dental Assistant by Awasthi PN (2011) Edition : 1/e

Dental assistant plays a key role in delivering patient care , being a good team player he/she requires to master all necessary skills and qualifications necessary to assist the doctor. Sterilization and infection control for working of the dental team in safe, uncontaminated surroundings, greeting and seating of patient, discussing and reviewing of the proc... [More]

Chapter-04 Basic Sciences by Awasthi PN (2011) Edition : 1/e

Human body is an incredible living creation made up of bones, muscles, organs, organ systems, blood vessels, nerves etc. thus having basic understanding of its structure i.e. the anatomy and function or physiology is important for dental assistant, so he can effectively communicate as a dental health care professional. This knowledge helps him to be in a s... [More]

Chapter-05 Pharmacology by Awasthi PN (2011) Edition : 1/e

Pharmacology deals with study of drugs. Dental assistant requires having basic idea about various drugs used in dental practice. Knowledge about some basic drugs such as antibiotics, analgesics, antiseptics and disinfectants, astringents, dentifrices, obtundants, mouthwashes is expected from dental assistant. The chapters discuss these drugs, their mechanism... [More]

   Chapter DOI:10.5005/jp/books/11345_6      

Infection Control and health care prevents the spread of infection within the health care settings. Doctors and allied staff should procure themselves with handling of biomedical waste and instituting infection control procedures. Implementation of such measures prevents cross infection or hospital acquired infections and provides the assurance of quality he... [More]

Chapter-07 Diagnostic Aids by Awasthi PN (2011) Edition : 1/e

Diagnosis consists of planned observations to evaluate existing condition and diligently providing required treatment. Besides the subjective symptoms like pain, discomfort certain tests and diagnostic equipments can be used for the diagnosis of endodontic problem. Simplest of the clinical test is visual and tactile examination i.e. checking for three Cs (Co... [More]

Chapter-08 Radiology by Awasthi PN (2011) Edition : 1/e

Radiology is making use of radiant energy including roentgen rays, radium and radioactive isotopes to dentistry, embracing both diagnostic and therapeutic fields. Theoretical as well as practical applicability of Radiology is required from dental assistant, he should equipped himself with the types of radiation, properties of x-rays, their biological effects... [More]

Chapter-09 Dental Assistance in Specialty Practice by Awasthi PN (2011) Edition : 1/e

Dentistry has further nine specialized branches to excel in therefore dental assistant should procure training in various aspects as demanded by respective branches. There are various specific procedures confined to specific branch. Maxillofacial surgery demands taking informed consent, patient record keeping, and preparation of patient, preoperative and the... [More]

Dental Operating Room Assistant
Dental Operating Room Assistant by Awasthi PN (2011) Edition : 1/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/11345   ISBN:9789350251355

In this book ‘Dental Operating Room Assistant’ focus on relevance to the new age dental practice with increasing focus on technology, materials and practice management places a new-found importance to this training. Properly-trained assistants are the key to a successful practice and the services rendered by the assistant start from the reception and involve... [More]