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Manual of Reconstructive Hand Surgery

by Karthikeyan G

There are many textbooks that deal extensively with important topics in Hand Surgery. I have personally faced problems in the day to day conduct of difficult surgeries. However I was fortunate enough to have experienced and helpful surgeons to guide me in taking my first steps. All the beginners may not have such luxury. In an attempt to recreate the guidance given by my gurus at the time of the actual surgical procedure, I have envisaged this Manual. Apart from the conduct of the surgical procedure, which is very important, the before and after also play a very important role. Firstly, decision making is vital in Hand Surgery. A wrong surgical plan, however finely executed, will not benefit the patient. At the same time, a good plan, even if done with a fair technique, can achieve better results. Counselling the patient prior to the surgical procedure, getting him to know exactly what he can expect, and the cooperation we expect from him, are important in securing his compliance and rapport. In hand surgery, much is dependent upon the patient’s contribution to the success of the procedure. This pre-surgical counselling also plays a role in preventing misunderstandings and unnecessary law-suits. All is not over between the surgeon and the patient after a Hand Surgical procedure. The course of Hand Therapy must be strictly adhered to under the guidance of a trained physiatrist, to achieve what had been aimed at. This book deals with the aspects of Decision Making, Pre-surgical Counselling, Techniques of surgery and post operative protocols. Following all the principles of Hand Surgery will ensure that every patient who has a problem in his hand, must get back, at the earliest, full function after intervention.

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