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Vertigo: Clinical Practice and Examination

by Devesahayam Philip Rajan, Narayanan Prepageran

The book discusses about vertigo which is a cardinal system of a disorder in the vestibular system either peripheral or central. The various components of vestibular system along with its importance are being discussed here. The features and pathways of vestibular disorders are explained with images. The book gives a proper description on the difference between peripheral and central vestibular disorders. It also mentions about the various apparatuses used for the investigation of vertigo, cause of dizziness in elders and various tests required for the assessment of vestibular disorder. Topics such as pharmacotherapy, surgical management, physiotherapy, particle repositioning procedures, causes of dizziness, guideline to evaluate patients with dizziness, peripheral vestibular disorder and central vestibular disorder are covered in the book. All the topics are well summarized with the help of key points, tables, charts, images and illustrations.

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