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Management of High-Risk Pregnancy—A Practical Approach

by Trivedi SS, Puri Manju

This book has been written and edited by obstetricians with a vast clinical experience in managing high risk pregnancies including pregnancies with multiple risk factors and often presenting late with complications. The topics have been highly selected and there are 29 chapters which cover the entire spectrum of high-risk pregnancy. The chapters are well laid down starting from prenatal diagnosis through to obstetric and medical disorders in pregnancy and labor and ending with a chapter on Drugs in Obstetrics. The individual chapters provide extensive knowledge needed in that particular topic. The scan pictures, photographs of actual patients and that using models to illustrate the mechanism of labor and the technical procedures of labor and delivery are very clear and worth commending. The latest information available in the literature from various clinical guidelines, cochrane data base and meta-analysis has been incorporated into each chapter. The summary, recommendations and key points which are given at the end of each chapter are commendable and make reading and remembering the important facts easy compared to standard textbooks. The references are up-to-date and the latest references up to the time of publication are provided. Navigating through each chapter has been made easy as every chapter has the same layout. The contents are of a high standard, which is applicable for those who are training to be specialists in obstetrics and gynecology as well as practicing clinicians. This book should be with in the libraries of the hospitals and medical schools and the clinicians office.

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Trivedi SS, Puri Manju
Obstetrics and Gynecology
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