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Manual of Anesthesia for Operation Theater Technicians

by Pillai S Ahanatha

This book, Manual of Anesthesia for Operation Theater Technicians, deals with issues related to anesthesia for operation theater. Surgery is the pride of Allopathic Medicine; and other systems of medicine such as Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy cannot make this claim. It is a team work, where the involvement of every member should be cent percent during the surgery. A single error by one person may end up in unnecessary morbidity or mortality. The operating room staff, who are named elsewhere in the world as Anesthesia Technician, Operating Theater Technician or Theater Technicians, are commonly known as Theater Assistants. In the past, for many decades, it is well recognized worldwide that a Theater Technician is one among the essential technical personnel necessary in the operating department for its efficient functioning. Unfortunately, his vital role and contribution for the successful outcome of the surgical work is often underestimated and is not well realized by many, including medical professionals. The students may find it difficult to understand the meaning of the medical and technical terms used in the book. Quite obviously, any beginner will be unfamiliar with such terms. Hence, the students are advised to keep a small medical dictionary to look for the meaning of these terms.

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