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Endocrine Surgery Made Easy

by Agarwal Amit

This handbook is envisaged for a quick reference and readers would find it useful. It is thus meant to help the undergraduates (who always want to know that extra bit beyond their textbooks), the postgraduates (who want help with the endocrine cases for examination purposes), the general surgeon (who needs a simplified diagnostic and management protocol for the occasional endocrine case that he comes across), for the MCh endocrine trainee (who needs to have an overview for the final examination) and for the specialist endocrine surgeon (who may need to refresh his knowledge). This book has been written by a single, highly experienced endocrine surgeon working in a sophisticated Indian Endocrine Institution of International renown. The book which is superbly illustrated has the somewhat unusual format of ‘questions and answers’ with an enormous number of illustrative clinical cases all personally managed by the author. The endocrine topics covered are extensive, comprehensive and detailed forming an excellent basis for the instruction of general surgeons with an interest in endocrine surgery and also for the more specialised endocrine surgeon. The format of the text is certainly in keeping with the educational axiom ‘assessment drives learning’. Endocrine Surgery Made Easy is an outstanding text and promises to be a most valuable contribution to the speciality and will undoubtedly benefit patient care.

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Agarwal Amit
Endocrinology and Metabolism,Surgery
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