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Paediatric Surgical Diagnosis

by Viswanath Naveen, N Oak Sanjay, G Chaubal Nitin

This title is aimed to be a ready reckoner to any busy practicing clinician and is also expected to update the knowledge of exam going young doctors. The approach has therefore been reader friendly. Anomalous embryogenesis forms the basis of most of the childhood problems and hence a word about the life before birth has been added in each chapter. Eight new chapters have been added in this book. Digitalisation of images has brought sharpness and accuracy in the photographs. The origin and progress of Minimal Access Surgery has opened a new vista to the faculty of Paediatric Surgery. Therefore all the conditions described in various chapters contain new photographs and illustrations and every effort is made to provide accurate and updated information. In Paediatric Surgery, if the diagnosis is made early, the outcome turns out to be favourable. Realising this, stress is laid up on diagnostics rather than therapeutics. However, management, principles and salient steps of operative procedures are quoted in each chapter. The target readership group comprises of undergraduates and postgraduates of Paediatrics, Neonatology, Radiology, General Surgery and Paediatric Surgery. This title should therefore become a ready reckoner to even a busy practicing clinician. The approach has therefore been reader friendly.

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Viswanath Naveen, N Oak Sanjay, G Chaubal Nitin
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