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SRB’s Manual of Surgery

by M Sriram Bhat

The manual is written for the students in this firing line for their MBBS degree. Common conditions seen on a day to day basis have dealt with a little more detail. The uncommon and rare conditions have been dealt briefly. The mode of clinical presentation and the physical signs are mentioned vividly so as to register in the mind of the reader. There is a brief mention of necessary investigations in each of the surgical conditions. The accepted mode of recent advances in investigation and treatment has been included. This manual is meant for Final MBBS degree examination and not a consolidated textbook. Entire text of all chapters is carefully read, corrected, revised and material added as required. Many more tables are used in second edition for easy grasping of the subject. Topics like Pain, Day Care Surgery and Cardiac Surgery are added. Certain chapters are included at the end of the book for the more enthusiastic students and for those interested in participating in quiz programmes. The clinical photographs are of very good quality, which are self-explanatory of the condition. The clinching physical signs have been highlighted in Box forms with different shades of colour. This mode of presentation emphasizes the point to be conveyed to the students which they can recollect when required either while arriving at a diagnosis in their examination or while in practice after obtaining the degree. This book gives a good foundation in surgery for those who wish to pursue surgery as a career.

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