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Community health nurses have been leaders in improving the quality of health care for people since the late 1800s. Over the decades, community health nurses have been instrumental forces for change. Early nursing leaders recognized the need for specific preparation for community health nurses and the influence of legal, economic, social, ethical and politica... [More]


This chapter discusses on the historical perspective of community health nursing in India. The term public health as the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health and efficiency through organized community measures such as control of infection, sanitation, health education, health services and legislation, etc. The birth of ... [More]


The WHO has attempted to construct a positive definition of health and has described health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ Components of health include physical well-being, social well-being, mental well-being and spiritual health. Health is not perceived the same way by all... [More]

Chapter-04 Community Health Nursing Process by Kamalam S (2017) Edition : 3/e

Nursing has an organized structure that helps nurses to efficiently apply their intellectual, psychomotor and interpersonal skills. Different definitions of the nursing process have been given in this chapter. Community health purposes and goals are realized through the application of nursing process. Major steps in community nursing process include establis... [More]

Chapter-05 Family Health Nursing by Kamalam S (2017) Edition : 3/e

This chapter discusses on family health nursing. A Family is defined as a group of biologically related persons living together and sharing the common kitchen and purse. Family health care can be defined as the continuing ability to meet defined functions in interaction with family, social, political, economic and health systems. Importance of family health ... [More]

Chapter-06 Evolution of Health Care System in India by Kamalam S (2017) Edition : 3/e

The evolution of health care system in the country had been around the disease model of health care. But since independence, there has been a continuous effort towards organizational change and structural reorganization to bring different elements of health care services together under the district health system, though functional gaps still remain there. Si... [More]

Chapter-07 Health Programmes by Kamalam S (2017) Edition : 3/e

This chapter discusses on health programmes. Health problems are present on a large scale all over the country. In order to tackle them, not only huge expenditure but also elaborate planning and coordination are required. These programs also reinforce the delivery of primary, secondary and tertiary health care throughout the country. Various international ag... [More]

Chapter-08 Community Development by Kamalam S (2017) Edition : 3/e

Community development is the method and rural extension of the agency through which the Five-year plan seeks to initiate a process of transforming social and economic life to the villages. Community Development Programme (CPD) is an integrated programme trying to cover major areas, which include agriculture, animal husbandry, irrigation education, public hea... [More]

Chapter-09 Community Organization by Kamalam S (2017) Edition : 3/e

The community is a social system and it is open. There are ten components that are included as a major system of a community. Each component is inter-related with another system. The subsystems are functioning independently and the members of the community occupy roles in these organizations. Community organization is a process by which the community is able... [More]

Chapter-10 Community Diagnosis by Kamalam S (2017) Edition : 3/e

Community diagnosis is a comprehensive assessment of the state of an entire community, it is the initial step in assessing the health status of the population. Community diagnosis is a continuous learning experience both for the program coordinator and the community. Certain areas of the community diagnosis, such as community organization attitudes, beliefs ... [More]