Adult Glaucoma Surgery

by Freitas Maria da Luz, Lisboa João Eurico, Marinho Queiroz
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Quick Overview
Author/Editor Freitas Maria da Luz, Lisboa João Eurico, Marinho Queiroz
ISBN 9789350903551
Speciality Ophthalmology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/11832
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2013
Pages 89
Book Type Professional
Chapter Name Size Page No

This book has been written and edited by ophthalmologists with a vast clinical experience in glaucoma and provide a fresh take on traditional and modern glaucoma surgeries. What distinguishes this book from other books on glaucoma surgery is that it is written from a practical perspective of each surgeon. Penetrating and nonpenetrating procedures, ab externo and ab interno minimally invasive procedures and combined of phacoemulsification with glaucoma surgery are described in different chapters. Each chapter is a step-by-step guide through the surgical procedures bringing instant understanding, also for those not familiar with the techniques. Each technique is illustrated with several pictures and videos. The aim of this book is to share with all ophthalmologists the knowledge about indications, techniques and pitfalls of different adult glaucoma surgeries.

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