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Chapter-02 Client Care: Hygiene and Comfort by Jacob Annamma, R Rekha, Tarachand Jadhav Sonali (2015) Edition : 3/e

Twenty five procedures are included in this chapter. Admission, transfer and discharge of patients, preparation of different types of beds for promotion of comfort and procedures for meeting hygiene and safety needs of patients during their hospital stay are explained. Admission of a patient in hospital refers to receiving him or her to stay in the hospital ... [More]

   Chapter DOI:10.5005/jp/books/11023_2      

Twenty five procedures related to maintaining hygiene and comfort. Include admitting transferring and discharging clients from hospital, preparing beds for patients with different needs, bathing clients, performing irrigations and application of heat and cold to body parts. Client care, Hygiene and comfort, Heat and cold to body parts, Bathing clients, Prepa... [More]

Chapter-02 Client Care: Hygiene and Comfort by Jacob Annamma, R Rekha, Tarachand Jadhav Sonali (2006) Edition : 1/e

This chapter provides details about client care focused on hygiene and comfort that involves various elements such as admission of patient in hospital, patient discharge, preparing bed for patient (unoccupied, occupied, postoperative or cardiac), assisting in oral hygiene for a conscious patient, bathing a patient in bed, performing an eye care, use of comfo... [More]

Chapter-02 Clinical Studies by Gomez Leena Myrtle (2007) Edition : 1/e

Clinical studies, Feeding methods, Enema, Urine, Motion, Conditions in the mouth, Types of diets, Tube feedings or gastric gavage, Calculation of milk formula, Enema or clysis and types, Constituents of urine, Type of enema

Chapter-02 Data Collection and Nursing Diagnoses by Sam Molly (2007) Edition : 2/e

The use of nursing model as a framework for data collection helps in identifying and validating nursing diagnoses. There are several nursing models that may be used for data collection and are discussed here in this chapter. Data gathered during the interview, physical examination and from other records/sources are organized and recorded in a concise systema... [More]

Chapter-02 Nursing Process by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

The nursing process is a problem solving approach used by nurses to meet the needs of the patient. It is a deliberative method that relies on the use of cognitive, interpersonal and psychomotor skills. The nursing process consists of five steps like assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. The chapter discusses these processes ... [More]

   Chapter DOI:10.5005/jp/books/11109_3      

Nursing diagnosis is defined in this chapter with the contributing factors and characteristic features. Activity intolerance is characterized by insufficient physiological or psychological energy to perform daily activities. Generalized weakness, sedentary life style, imbalance between oxygen supply/demand, anemia, and aging process are the contributing fact... [More]

Chapter-03 Physical Examination by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

Physical examination is a complete assessment of patient’s physical and mental status the purpose of which is to understand and detect disease at an early stage, determine the nature of the treatment or nursing care needed for the patient and to contribute to the medical research. There are multiple methods of visual examination such as palpation -feeling of... [More]