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Basic Concepts of Nursing Procedures
Basic Concepts of Nursing Procedures by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/11946   ISBN:9789350902844

Nursing of today’s world is so challenging that each nursing student needs to have thorough basic knowledge, since basic concepts of nursing procedures form basic nursing foundation for each nurse. Since today’s nursing students are future nurses, therefore, it is the responsibility of each nurse educator to guide each neophyte nurse to gain basic knowledge ... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Nursing by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

The chapter explains the qualities of a nurse in detail. Nursing is to assist the individual (sick or well) in the performance of those activities contributing to health, its recovery (or to a peaceful death) that he would perform unaided, if he had the necessary strength, will or the knowledge and to do this in such a way as to help him gain independence as... [More]

Chapter-02 Nursing Process by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

The nursing process is a problem solving approach used by nurses to meet the needs of the patient. It is a deliberative method that relies on the use of cognitive, interpersonal and psychomotor skills. The nursing process consists of five steps like assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. The chapter discusses these processes ... [More]

Chapter-03 Physical Examination by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

Physical examination is a complete assessment of patient’s physical and mental status the purpose of which is to understand and detect disease at an early stage, determine the nature of the treatment or nursing care needed for the patient and to contribute to the medical research. There are multiple methods of visual examination such as palpation -feeling of... [More]

Chapter-04 Care of Patients Unit by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

Care of patient unit is defined as keeping the patients unit clean, neat and tidy to provide maximum comfort to the patient and duty of the nurse is to ensure the same. Few factors which are essentials to well-being are to provide optimum environment for the patient like adequate air and light supply, freedom from disagreeable odors and noise and many more. ... [More]

Chapter-05 Bed Making by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

Bed making is a systematic way of preparing the appropriate bed based on the condition of the patient, which adopts scientific principles of nursing and keeping the bed clean, neat and tidy. This chapter explains the purpose of bed making and principles involved in the same with pictorial representations. Types of bed include simple and special beds. General... [More]

   Chapter DOI:10.5005/jp/books/11946_6      

The chapter discusses in detail the procedure for admission and discharge of patient. Admission is the entry of a patient into a hospital/ward for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Certain principles and general instructions are to be followed during the process. Depending on the condition of the patient, different types of admission procedure is followed ... [More]

Chapter-07 Vital Signs by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

Vital signs are the measurements that provide data and can be used to determine the patient’s usual state of health. The vital signs or cardinal signs are body temperature, pulse respiration and blood pressure. The chapter explains the purpose to monitor these vital signs, timings to take the signs, principles, methods of measurement and normal values of the... [More]

Chapter-08 Positions by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

Positioning is defined as placing the person in a proper body alignment, in such a way to perform therapeutic interventions and for the purpose of preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health. Certain factors are involved in performing the same by nurses such as protocol of the hospital, self-care ability of the patient and others. De... [More]

Chapter-09 Comfortable Measures by Clement I (2013) Edition : 2/e

Comfort is a state of free from pain and discomfort, tension and anxiety. Comfort devices are the mechanical devices to promote comfort to the patient. Comfort devices are invented articles, which would add to the comfort of the patient when used in the appropriate manner, by relieving the discomfort and helping to maintain correct posture. The chapter deals... [More]