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Chapter-01 Health Assessment by (2010) Edition : 2/e

This contains twenty six nursing procedures, each one arranged with definition, purposes, articles, procedure steps with rationales and pediatric variations. The health assessment procedures include assessing vital signs, collection of specimens for laboratory tests, performing urine tests and self examinations of breasts and testicles. Health assessment, Vi... [More]

   Chapter DOI:10.5005/jp/books/11023_2      

Twenty five procedures related to maintaining hygiene and comfort. Include admitting transferring and discharging clients from hospital, preparing beds for patients with different needs, bathing clients, performing irrigations and application of heat and cold to body parts. Client care, Hygiene and comfort, Heat and cold to body parts, Bathing clients, Prepa... [More]

   Chapter DOI:10.5005/jp/books/11023_3      

Fifteen procedures related to safety, body mechanics and prevention of infection. Procedures included are moving, turning, positioning and rolling patient in bed, helping patient to sit up and get out of bed. Hand washing, segregation of and disposal of biomedical waste and prevention of nosocomial infections. Safety body mechanics, Prevention of infection, ... [More]

Chapter-05 Elimination by (2010) Edition : 2/e

Eleven procedures related to assisting patients with elimination needs, insertion, care and removal of indwelling catheter, administering enemas, colonic lavage, colostomy lavage and care of ostomies. Elimination, Care of ostomies, Colostomy lavage, Colonic lavage, Elimination needs, Insertion, Indwelling catheter.

Chapter-06 Oxygenation by (2010) Edition : 2/e

Contains seven nursing procedures which are oxygen therapy by different methods, assisting with use of incentive spirometer, performing chest physiotherapy, postural drainage and nebulization therapy. Oxygenation, Nebulization therapy, Postural drainage, Chest physiotherapy, Incentive spirometer, Oxygen therapy.

Chapter-08 Medication Administration by (2010) Edition : 2/e

Contains fifteen nursing procedures related to medication administration such as by oral, intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous, and intradermal routes, application of medication in eyes and nose, inhalation, topical application and insertion of rectal and vaginal suppositories. Medication administration, Insertion of rectal and vaginal, Topical applicati... [More]