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Immunization in Clinical Practice

by Thacker Naveen, Shah Nitin K, Shah Abhay K, Gupta Alok

This book on "Immunization in Clinical Practice" provides an overview of general guidelines on vaccination and immunization. The volume begins with general immunology and principles of vaccination, immunization schedules, general guidelines for vaccination, storage of vaccines and maintenance of cold chain etc. Topics on immunization of various diseases are discussed in a very simple manner. Immunization has assumed paramount importance in the current era and it is expected that every pediatrician is acquainted with the Need, Efficacy, Safety, Cost-effectiveness, Affordability, Flexibility and Ethical issues (NESCAFE) pertaining to individual vaccines in the ever-expanding field of vaccinology. The first section deals with basic information that is so vital for successful outcome. The next section includes widely used vaccines, covering relevant details about each of them. The third section focuses on immunization in special circumstances that has uniquely referred to adolescents and adults. Finally, in the last section, readers will get a glimpse of what future is likely to hold for the next generation and find an access to Internet resources. The book itself will act as a vaccine and immunize all those who recognize the value of vaccines in the arena of child health, by providing authentic source of information.

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  1. Thacker Naveen
  2. Shah Nitin K
  3. Shah Abhay K
  4. Gupta Alok
Editor's Affiliations
  1. Consultant Pediatrician, Deep Children Hospital, Gandhidham, Gujarat, India
  2. Consultant Pediatrician, PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  3. Senior Consultant Pediatrician, Chairperson IAP, Infectious Diseases Chapter 2015, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  4. President IAP; Chairman, Environment and Child Health group of IAP, Jaipur—India
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