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A Practical Guide to Diabetes Mellitus

by Thomas Nihal, Kapoor Nitin, Velavan Jachin, K Senthil Vasan

The seventh edition of ‘A Practical Guide to Diabetes Mellitus’ offers a unique combination of rigorous pathophysiology with very practical approaches to diabetes prevention and control. This outstanding textbook will equip a cadre of doctors and other healthcare professionals to deliver high quality care to vulnerable populations around India and far beyond. The current book is now into its 7th edition and has gone through a process of evolution starting with the World Diabetes Foundation Program which was initiated in 2004 to train doctors, nurses, foot care technicians and cobblers in the management of diabetes and set up integrated diabetes centers. This book provided great confidence to be able to give the doctors, councilor’s teams and patients associated with international community, the most sincere recommendations, that would help in leading the fight against diabetes with the seventh edition of ‘A Practical Guide to Diabetes Mellitus’. In this book an enormous challenge for the society and the healthcare system to organize treatment and management of people with diabetes to reduce its serious impact on health of the individual, as well as to reduce the otherwise extreme expenditure of society to compensate for lost working years as well as for managing blindness, dialysis, amputations, etc.

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  1. Thomas Nihal
  2. Kapoor Nitin
  3. Velavan Jachin
  4. K Senthil Vasan
Editor's Affiliations
  1. Professor and Head, Department of Endocrinology, Vice Principal (Research), Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
  2. Assistant Professor, Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
  3. Coordinator, Department of Distance Medical Education, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
  4. Post-Doctoral Researcher, Center for Molecular Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Endocrinology and Metabolism
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