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Atlas of Vascular & Endovascular Surgical Techniques

by Mansour M Ashraf, Mitchell Erica, Shames Murray

This book focuses on atlas of vascular and endovascular surgical techniques. Vascular surgery is a surgical subspecialty in which diseases of the vascular system, or arteries and veins, are managed by medical therapy, minimally-invasive catheter procedures, and surgical reconstruction. Endovascular surgery is an innovative, less invasive procedure used to treat problems affecting the blood vessels, such as an aneurysm, which is a swelling or "ballooning" of the blood vessel. This book consists of 54 chapters. Our aim in writing this book is to provide a reference for learners trying to get organized before they observe, assist, or perform a vascular procedure. Most chapters include pearls and pitfalls that should help the reader stay out of trouble. Many textbooks and articles are exhaustive about the indications for a procedure and the expected outcomes, but lack operational details such as positioning the patient or having the right instruments to perform the procedure. This book also discusses the most commonly performed vascular procedures, whether open or endovascular.

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  1. Mansour M Ashraf
  2. Mitchell Erica
  3. Shames Murray
Editor's Affiliations
  1. Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery and Director of Cardiovascular Medicine; Academic Chair of Surgical Specialties, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine; Spectrum Health Medical Group, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
  2. Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, Oregon, USA
  3. Professor of Surgery and Radiology, Program Director for Vascular Surgery, Health Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, USA
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