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ISBN : 9789351529354

This Video Atlas of laparoscopic Surgery—Bariatric Surgery focusing on bariatrics is aimed at students, residents, fellows and practicing surgeons with interest in metabolic and bariatric surgery. All mainstream bariatric operations are described in great detail. The operative videos are expertly edited and provide extensive guidance for the novice bariatric


ISBN : 9789352501779

This Video Atlas of Bedside Cardiology consists of four modules, which cover the different aspects of bedside cardiology. The first module deals with the general examination of the patient and the specific examination of the precordium. The second module deals with the heart sounds and various murmurs, wherein audiovisual technology has been used to apprecia


ISBN : 9789352501915

This video atlas on gonioscopy facilitates an immediate knowledge and skill transfer on evaluation of the anterior chamber angle. The viewer can have a near live gonioscopic view of normal anterior chamber angle anatomy, distinguish between primary open angle and primary angle closure disease, learn to identify developmental angle anomalies and distinguish v


ISBN : 9789385891885

This Video Atlas of Laparoscopic Surgery in Infertility and Gynecology is a jewel amongst the existing literature on gynae laparoscopy. Most unique, easy-to-Iearn teaching module in the form of short summary and 75 videos with narration of 8 to 10 minutes duration. Videos are thoughtfully selected to represent all possible applications of laparoscopy ranging


ISBN : 9789350907719

The Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Clinical Embryology is a novel concept in the field of reproductive medicine. It have been designed to present a comprehensive overview of the assisted reproductive technologies beginning from the basic workup of an infertility patient including infertility related endoscopy, controlled ovari


Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Phaco Instruction Course by Albrecht Hennig, Singh Sanjay Kumar, Puri Lila Raj [2014]

ISBN : 9789351521983

This Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Phaco Instruction Course which addresses the beginner and an experienced cataract surgeon. Albrecht Hennig and his colleagues have included their best instructive surgical films with personal comments addressing the most important steps in various techniques of phaco surgery. Surgical procedures are explained and the most import


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