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An Ultimate Guide to Community Medicine by Maiti Prithwiraj, Mondal Bismoy (2017) Edition : 1/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/12906   ISBN:9789386107077

The book focuses on the “An Ultimate Guide to Community Medicine”. The book “Textbook of Lasers in Dermatology” has the intention of sharing with the Indian community medicine, and with the entire world. All the chapters are brief, clear and concise to provide students an understandable text and recent developments in the field. This book is divided into fiv... [More]

An Ultimate Guide to Community Medicine
Chapter-01 Concepts of health and disease by Khan Asif (2010) Edition : 1/e

Concepts of health and disease, Direct transmission, Indirect transmission, Hypertension, Elevated serum cholesterol, Diabetes, Low physical activity, Alcohol, Oral contraceptives, Hemostatic factors, Genetic factors, Agent, Host and environment, Disease control, Eradication, Risk factors, Tertiary prevention, Smoking, Elevated serum cholesterol, Regular phy... [More]

Chapter-01 History of Medicine by Maiti Prithwiraj, Mondal Bismoy (2017) Edition : 1/e

This chapter discusses the history of medicine. This chapter also describes the inventors and inventions with the help of the table. Aristotle is father of biology, embryology and zoology, Louis Pasteur is father of bacteriology, Claude Bernard is the father of modern physiology & experimental medicine, Rudolph Virchow is the father of pathology, Theophrastu... [More]

Chapter-01 History of Medicine by Jain Vivek (2016) Edition : 8/e

This chapter presents a glimpse into history of medicine and divided into three parts i.e. theory, multiple choice questions (MCQs) and explanations. Theory and MCQs arranged section-wise for more comprehensive understanding of topics. In theory, important previous years MCQs highlighted (asQ) and must-know facts given separately in this chapter. Primitive m... [More]

Chapter-01 History of Medicine by Jain Vivek (2015) Edition : 7/e

History of medicine describes about primitive medicine, scientific medicine, modern medicine, revolution in medicine and miscellaneous. Primitive medicine briefs about homeopathy, ayurveda, siddha and unani systems of medicine; profounders of theories in public health; discoveries, inventions and developments; and authors of important books as well as import... [More]

Chapter-01 History of Medicine by Jain Vivek (2014) Edition : 6/e

This chapter discusses the history of primitive, scientific and modern medicine. The chapter briefly discusses the Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani systems of medicine. Hippocrates, known as Father of Medicine, was the first true epidemiologist. He was the First physician to reject superstitions, legends and beliefs that credited supernatural or divine... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction by Prabhakara GN (2016) Edition : 2/e

This chapter is on introduction synopsis, dissertation and research to postgraduate students. Postgraduate course is a platform for learning, understanding and interacting with surrogates, with peers and with subordinates for an effective gain in knowledge in his/her specialty. The steps in the course give arena for an effective preplanning followed by plann... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Community Medicine by Suryakantha AH (2014) Edition : 3/e

This chapter focuses on an introduction to community medicine. Community medicine is that branch of medicine, which deals with the study of provision of preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative and evaluative services to the community at large, through an organized comprehensive health care delivery system. The discoveries in microbiology in the turn ... [More]

Chapter-01 Medical Ethics: Some Basic Issues by Francis CM (2004) Edition : 2/e

Basic issues of medical ethics, Transcultural ethics, Values in medicine, Medicine as a profession, Criticisms of the medical profession, Criteria of the medical profession, Ethical problems, Problems relating to professional conduct, Problems connected with the beginning of life, Problems connected with the end of life, Problems involving social justice, Eq... [More]