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Chapter-01 Medical Ethics: Some Basic Issues by Francis CM (2004) Edition : 2/e

Basic issues of medical ethics, Transcultural ethics, Values in medicine, Medicine as a profession, Criticisms of the medical profession, Criteria of the medical profession, Ethical problems, Problems relating to professional conduct, Problems connected with the beginning of life, Problems connected with the end of life, Problems involving social justice, Eq... [More]

Chapter-03 Codes of Conduct by Francis CM (2004) Edition : 2/e

Ethical codes of conduct, Atreya Anushasana, Charaka Samhita, Susruta samhita, Oath of Hippocrates, International code of medical ethics, Duties of physicians to the sick, Duties of physicians, Indian Medical Council Act, Code of ethics for medical practitioners, Professional conduct, Code of ethics of the national medical association, Philosophy of medicine

Chapter-04 Malpractice and Negligence by Francis CM (2004) Edition : 2/e

Malpractice, Negligence, Prevention of malpractice, Code of ethics, Medical Council of India, Medical practitioners, Fitness to practise, Principle of negligence, Issue of professional certificates, Rebates and commission, Indian Medical Council Regulations, Advertising and promotion, Medical unnecessary procedures, Participation in torture, Declaration of ... [More]

Chapter-06 Irrational Drug Therapy by Francis CM (2004) Edition : 2/e

Irrational drug therapy, Rational drug therapy, Ethical criteria for medicinal drug promotion, Narcotic and psychotropic drugs, Irrational prescribing, Non-drug therapy, Drug legislation for rational drug policy, Drugs and cosmetics act, Drugs and magic remedies act, Objectionable advertisement act, Drugs under special circumstances

Chapter-07 Autonomy and Informed Consent by Francis CM (2004) Edition : 2/e

Introduction of autonomy, Informed consent, Supreme Court of Canada, Question of competence, Discharge against medical advice, Essential component of doctor-patient relationship, Misconception of omission, Consequences of the intervention, Case of experimental procedures, Indian Penal Code, Competence to consent, Consent by proxy, Consent by minors

Chapter-10 Sex Pre-selection and Female Foeticide by Francis CM (2004) Edition : 2/e

Sex pre-selection, Female foeticide, Abortion of female foetuses, Pre-natal sex determination, Pre-natal diagnosis of sex, Termination of pregnancy, Prenatal diagnostic techniques, Regulation and prevention of misuse act, Sex selection is illegal, Sex selection is discriminatory, Practice of sex selection, Sex selection a crime against society, Dowry and oth... [More]