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Chapter-25 Models of Community Mental Health Care by Chavan BS, Rozatkar Abhijit, Sidana Ajeet (2012) Edition : 1/e

According to WHO report, mental and neurological conditions cause a significant amount of morbidity worldwide. It necessitates the mental health professionals to work on promoting mental well-being by mental health promotion and prevention of mental illnesses; and also to develop community mental health services. The community mental health model should addr... [More]

Chapter-26 Camp Approach by Chavan BS, Sidana Ajeet, Rozatkar Abhijit (2012) Edition : 1/e

The camp approach involves a short-term set-up to provide medical services, in regions that are inadequately accessible to tertiary care. This approach is most successfully used by ophthalmologists, usually in the management of cataracts and other causes for low vision. In India, camp approach provides better utilization of health care services because servi... [More]

Chapter-27 Primary Prevention of Psychiatric Disorders by Chavan BS, Gupta Nitin, Arneja Jasmin (2012) Edition : 1/e

Mental or psychiatric disorders affect the functioning of the individual, which results in not only enormous emotional suffering and a diminished quality of life, but also alienation, stigma and discrimination. This necessitates prevention which refers to keep something from happening. The disease prevention under public concept is viewed as primary, seconda... [More]

   Chapter DOI:10.5005/jp/books/11688_41      

Management of resources such as work, material and cost are very much important for the development of any country. Human resource is considered as important recourse hence, human resource development (HRD) and human resource management (HRM) are as important for community mental health as these are for any other organization. Since the scarcity of mental he... [More]

Community Mental Health in India by Chavan BS, Gupta Nitin, Arun Priti, Sidana Ajeet, Jadhav Sushrut (2012) Edition : 1/e
DOI : 10.5005/jp/books/11688   ISBN:9789350258057

The book ‘Community mental health in India’ is complied for mental health trainees and professionals working in both rural and urban Indian settings, social scientists engaged with public health, and health policy professionals in India. The book comprises of ten sections. Section I is based upon evidence, facts, and personal experiences of the author. Secti... [More]

Community Mental Health in India