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Chapter-01 Concepts of health and disease by Khan Asif (2010) Edition : 1/e

Concepts of health and disease, Direct transmission, Indirect transmission, Hypertension, Elevated serum cholesterol, Diabetes, Low physical activity, Alcohol, Oral contraceptives, Hemostatic factors, Genetic factors, Agent, Host and environment, Disease control, Eradication, Risk factors, Tertiary prevention, Smoking, Elevated serum cholesterol, Regular phy... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction by Prabhakara GN (2010) Edition : 2/e

Brief introduction to the development of Public Health is given. Welfare schemes to tackle problems of poverty as a social problem is highlighted. History of health in India that led to Panchayat Raj System, social reforms and recent advances that made preventive medicine to develop is discussed. Community health, District health administration, Health inst... [More]

Chapter-01 Introduction to Epidemiology by Bhattacharya Susmita (2010) Edition : 1/e

Epidemiology is basic science of medicine and fundamental to practice of medicine and public health. History of epidemiology dates back to Hippocratus and Ayurveda in Indian system of medicine. Sir John Snow was pioneer in epidemiological investigation. E Epidemiology, Historical overview of epidemiology, Definition, Scope of epidemiology, Uses of epidemiolo... [More]

Chapter-02 Contraception by Khan Asif (2010) Edition : 1/e

Contraception, Condom, Spermicide, Cervical cap, Female condom, Common adverse reactions of OCPs, Systemic side effects, Progestogen-only injectables, Procedure, Plan B method, Medical indications, Eugenic indications, Humanitarian indications, Socio-economic indications.

Chapter-02 Epidemiological Studies by Bhattacharya Susmita (2010) Edition : 1/e

Epidemiology is study of distribution and determinants of disease and health related states. Answer to six questions is searched in epidemiological studies. Questions are-who, how many, when, where and how are they affected; and what can be done to preven Epidemiological studies, Descriptive epidemiology, Diagram-spot map, Type of descriptive studies, How to... [More]

Chapter-02 Man towards Health for All by Prabhakara GN (2010) Edition : 2/e

The chapter deals with the role of education, science and technology on health care system like curative medicine, preventive medicine, social medicine, family medicine and community medicine. History of medicine is traced from Stone Age to till date. Approaches for health care like comprehensive health care, basic health care, primary health care, health fo... [More]